Best Way To Boost Online Sales: Create An Animated Sales Video

Technology Today
The technology nowadays has shown vast improvements and it continued to be developed and improved as the years go by. Through the years, the tech has kept on improving and increasing. Mainly because people nowadays greatly rely on it as they depend on most of their work on using these types of devices or machines. Not mentioning the fact that it not only improves but there are various prototypes that are created for such specific use.

One of the most useful things being created in today’s world is the computer. With the computer, we could do a lot of things which includes typing a report or doing our own research. We can play some games here too or watch some videos or browse certain images saved on it. Most works today greatly rely on the combination of the internet and these computers. Well, it makes our work a lot easier and much faster compared to the manual doing of things. Various software and tools are can be used and specifically designed for a certain function.

Technology in Our Businesses
Just like in many people’s lives, businesses also rely on technology due to the same reason that we could do much faster and more efficient work compared before. One of the best ways to improve our sales are through videos especially the animated ads that we can be seen on TVs or online. A well-planned ad could pique the interest of the consumers which could make them avail your products and services. Well, these are all thanks to various video creation tool available out there especially explaindio. This software is specifically designed for business use and it can be learned much easier compared to other video creation tools. Moreover, making animated videos in here are much faster and easier as it has a lot of functions to offer.

How Online Merchants Determine If Credit Card Numbers Are Valid

What are merchants?                A merchant is anyone who sells goods and services to someone. A merchant can be an individual or a company which is composed of a group of people developing their own products and services and sell it to the general public. These products and services sold by different merchants can be of any kind and purpose. As long as a product or a service is paid, the one selling it is called a merchant.

What are credit card numbers?
A credit card numbers that work is a unique series of numbers assigned to a credit card in order to make the credit cards different from one another. This is like the identity of the credit card itself. A credit card that works should have the proper format of a credit card number and with corresponding proper personal details of the cardholder

How does credit card validation work?
Before a purchase, is made by the cardholder, the merchant should first check if the credit card number provided by the cardholder is valid. This is how credit card validation works.

  • The cardholder provides necessary information to the merchant to purchase the needed product or service offered by the merchant.
  • The merchant then now uses a credit card software to relay the credit card information of the cardholder to the merchant’s bank.
  • The merchant’s bank receives the credit card information and processes the necessary transaction to the issuing bank of the cardholder. The bank network relays the information from the merchant’s bank to the issuing bank.
  • The issuing then receives the transaction details and checks whether the purchase made is valid or not. The issuing bank also checks if the credit is enough for the transaction to be completed. The issuing bank then now accepts or declines the transaction.
  • The cardholder receives the transaction details and settles the bill to the issuing bank.